About Us

1、FAQ about rimisneaker

Are you a reseller or wholesaler?

We are wholesalers, so my customer base is all over the world. I have my own shoe factory, and my manufacturing ability is among the top 3 in the industry.

We are all Top sellers. 

I have so many customers in USA

In order to let you know more about us

You can check Customer Feedback on  my website.


I do long-term business, not just one-time business

In the United States, I have many customers.

The pictures on my website are taken with heart. I want to do long-term business, so I can take care of the website so seriously.Our shoes are made 1:1 copy,all quality details are the same,including the materials used for the shoes.

In the whole market, my shoes are the best,much more exquisite than those of other sellers. You can carefully look at my pictures.

So you can buy at ease. We deliver shoess to customers on time. We have been in this business for many years.

I have many loyal customers in USA.

2、How to pay?

We accept PayPal, These payment methods can protect the transaction rights and interests of both parties, so as a consumer, you can rest assured to do business with me.

PayPal's website online payment no working now on website , But I can give you my PayPal account and pay directly through my email address.

If you want to pay now?I will give you my PayPal account to complete the payment.

You can also contact me by:


You can contact me in the following ways:

My WhatsApp:+86 15622391330 

My iMessage:+86 15622391330 

My websitewww.rimisneaker.ru

3、What shipping methods does rimisneaker provide?

We ship worldwide.So my clients are all over the world, and you may hear the name of rimisneaker among other people.

It will take about 15-20 days for you to receive  the shoes.After you pay for your shoes, we will send you a tracking number within 48 hours. You can keep track of your package at any time.

4、Why rimisneaker get the shoes such early?

We can get all the new shoes at the first time, because we don't need to wait for the sale of Nike Company. We can get the prototype of the first batch of shoes directly from the shoe factory, so you can see the latest pictures of shoes on my website in advance.

5、How do rimisneaker's package?

It is double boxed and bubble wrapped to make sure the shoes box 

and the shoes are protected.

6、Do rimisneaker provide QC pictures?

Yes, please request QC "Quality Check" pictures of the sneakers before shipment. We will send pictures to you to confirm.When you see QC pictures and feel satisfied, we will ship out.

7、What is rimisneaker's return policy?

If you are dissatisfied, you can contact us and we will solve it through negotiation. If you want to return the goods, you can also contact me for return processing.